Filmography of Grand L. Bush

2016LegionSergeant Atkins
2001Shark Hunter
2001New AlcatrazSergeant Quinn
1997TurbulenceMarshal Al Arquette
1994Street FighterBalrog
1994ChasersVance Dooly
1993Demolition ManZachary Lamb - Young
1993Maniac Cop 3: Badge of SilenceWillie
1990The Exorcist IIISergeant Atkins
1990Bad InfluenceClub Bartender
1990Secret Agent 00 SoulBen Douglas
1989Licence to KillHawkins
1989Lethal Weapon 2Jerry Collins
1989Finish Line
1988Die HardFBI Agent Little Johnson
1988ColorsLarry Sylvester
1985Brewster's MillionsRudy
1984Weekend PassBertram
1980Stir CrazyBig Mean's Sidekick
1979Act of ViolenceStoneblood