Filmography of Peter Cullen

2017Transformers: The Last KnightOptimus Prime (voice)
2014Transformers: Age of ExtinctionOptimus Prime (voice)
2013Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons RisingOptimus Prime
2012Transformers Prime: One Shall StandOptimus Prime
2012Transformers: The Ride - 3DOptimus Prime
2011Transformers Prime: Darkness RisingOptimus Prime
2011Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of MouseEeyore
2011Transformers: Dark of the MoonOptimus Prime (voice)
2009Transformers: Revenge of the FallenOptimus Prime (voice)
2009Tigger & Pooh and a Musical TooEeyore (voice)
2008My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Hundred Acre Wood HauntEeyore (voice)
2007My Friends Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuth Christmas MovieEeyore (voice)
2007Transformers: BeginningsOptimus Prime
2007TransformersOptimus Prime (voice)
2005Pooh's Heffalump Halloween MovieEeyore (voice)
2005Pooh's Heffalump MovieEeyore (voice)
2004Winnie the Pooh - 123'sEeyore
2004Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with RooEeyore (voice)
2003Piglet's Big MovieEeyore
2002Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh YearEeyore
2001The Book of Pooh: Stories from the HeartEeyore
2000The Tigger MovieEeyore (voice)
1999Winnie the Pooh - A Valentine for YouEeyore (voice)
1998A Winnie the Pooh ThanksgivingEeyore (voice)
1997Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher RobinEeyore (voice)
1991Winnie the Pooh & Christmas TooEeyore (voice)
1989Hägar the HorribleHägar
1988Mickey's 60th BirthdaySorcerer (voice)
1987The Return of Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime
1987G.I. Joe: The MovieZandar / Nemesis Enforcer / Scientist
1987DuckTales: Treasure of the Golden SunsAdmiral Grimitz
1986Voltron: Fleet of DoomHutch / Commander James Hawkins / Coran / King Alfor / Narrator
1986The Transformers: The MovieOptimus Prime (voice)
1986My Little Pony: The MovieGrundle / Ahgg (voice)
1986Heathcliff: The Movie(voice)
1986Noah's ArkJapheth
1985Rainbow Brite and the Star StealerMurky Dismal / Castle Monster / Glitterbot / Guard / Skydancer / Slurthie (voice)
1985Big Foot And The Muscle MachinesArthur Ravencroft
1983Deck the Halls with Wacky WallsBig Blue
1983The Secret World of OGYukon "Yukie" Pete
1982Heidi's SongGruffle
1976King KongKing Kong (voice)
1971Tiki Tiki