Filmography of Simon Yam

2016Mrs K
2016The Tenants Downstairs
2016Murder at Honeymoon Hotel
2016Phantom of the TheatreGu Mingshan
2015Magic Card
2015Ulterior Motive
2015Wild CityWong
2015SPL 2: A Time for ConsequencesChan Kwok-wah
2015Lovers & MoviesQiu Guitang
2015Two Thumbs Up
201512 Golden DucksKing Sum
2014SaraKam Ho Yin
2014The Midnight AfterWong Man-Fat
2014As the Light Goes OutDau
2013The ConstableLam Kwok Kuen
2013A Chilling CosplayFang Youwei
2013Tales From The Dark 1Kwok Wing-Nei
2013Man of Tai ChiWong
2013Cold EyesSuspect (Cameo)
20137 Assassins
2013Games of Clouds and RainLao Sheng
2012Ripples of DesireMaster Hai
2012The ThievesChen
2012Passion IslandSimon
2012Design of DeathDoctor
2012NightfallInspector George Lam Ching-chung
2011Coming BackSimon Yam
2011The Man behind the Courtyard HouseChen Zhihui
2011Beginning of the Great RevivalZhang Jian
2010Johnnie Got His Gun!Himself
2010The Blood BondCommander Chow
2010Ip Man 2Zhou Qing Quan
2010Echoes of the RainbowMr Law
2010King of TriadsFunky
2010Black Ransom
2009Bodyguards and AssassinsGeneral Fang Tian
2009The Storm WarriorsLord Godless
2009VengeanceGeorge Fung
2009Night and FogLee Sum
2009Tactical Unit: Comrades in ArmsSam
2009Tactical Unit: Partners
2008Ip ManChow Ching-Chuen
2008Ocean Flamecop
2008Triad WarsLin Ho Tung
2008Tactical Unit: No Way Out
2008Prisoner 701: SasoriCorpse Collector
2008Tactical Unit - The CodeLee Wing Sam
2008Tactical Unit: Human NatureSam
2007TriangleLee Bo Sam
2007ExodusTsim Kin-Yip
2007Eye in the SkyCapt. Wong Man Chin / Dog Head
2006ExiledBoss Fay
2006Election 2Lam Lok
2005SPL: Kill ZoneDetective Chan
2005Dragon SquadCommander Hon Sun
2005Ah souChance
2005ElectionLam Lok
2004Wake of Deathsun quan
2004Moving TargetsOfficer Cheung Tit-Man
2004Breaking NewsAsst. Commissioner C.K. Wong
2004Explosive CitySupt Charles Cheung Chi Shing
2003Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of LifeChen Lo
2003PTUSgt. Mike Ho
2003Looking for Mr. PerfectPoon
2002My Left Eye Sees GhostsBen
2001Fulltime KillerAlbert Lee
2001Midnight FlyDr. Tong
2000Cold WarKa Chu
2000Juliet in LoveN.T. On
1999The Legend of SpeedTang Fung
1999The MissionFrank
1998Operation BillionairesCheung Chi-Keung
1998The Suspect
1998Expect the UnexpectedKen
1998Contract KillerOfficer Chan Kwan
1996Young and Dangerous 3Boss Chiang Tin-Sung
1996All of a SuddenTsui Chin-Tung
1996King of RobberyYe Kuan
1996Young and Dangerous 2Chiang Tin-Sung (as Simon Yan)
1996Young and DangerousBoss Chiang Tin-Sung
1996Street AngelsWalkie Pi
1996Scarred Memory
1995Dragon KillerMa Liu-Luk
1995Legendary CoupleKo Tin Lap
1995Ghostly BusMichael
1995Man WantedLok Man Hwa
1995Passion 1995Dik Hak / Dick
1995TwistJohn Yam Ka-Wah
1995Police Confidential
1994The Tragic Fantasy: Tiger of WanchaiChan Yiu-Hing
1994AwakeningLam Cho Wen
1994Black Panther WarriorsChen Ren
1994Drunken Master 3Gay Man on Bus
1994Crystal Fortune RunKwong
1993A Day Without Policemen
1993Future CopsAh-Sing / Dhalsim
1993The Killer's LoveCheung Wai-Lun
1993Holy WeaponSuper Sword
1993Don't Stop My Crazy Love for YouFred Suen
1993Rose Rose I Love You
1993The Final JudgementAu Ping Keung
1993Run and KillChing Fung
1993Guns & RosesFa Chin
1993First ShotSam Mok
1993Raped by an AngelTso Tat Wah
1992Naked KillerTinam
1992Once Upon a Time: A Hero in China
1992Full ContactJudge
1992Gun N' RoseSimon Lung
1992Cash on Delivery
1992Hard To Kill
1992Dr. LambLam Gor-Yu
1991The Banquet
1991In the Line of Duty 7: Sea WolvesJohn Lam
1991Black CatBrian
1991Mission of CondorLion
1991The Queen of GambleFu Hon Hua
1991Queen's HighChung
1991Hong Kong Criminal Archives - Female Butcher
1991Powerful Four
1990The Cyprus TigersDick
1990Bullet in the HeadLuke
1990Doctor's Heart
1990Killer's Romance
1990Return EngagementLi Pang
1990Fatal TerminationJimmy Li
1989Live HardOfficer Hui Tat Ming
1989BloodfightRyu Tenmei
1989Burning AmbitionTat-Hwa
1989Final Run
1989Chinese cop out
1989Four Loves
1988Mistaken IdentityChow Tak-Kan / Chow Man-Heng
1988Women's PrisonWayne Lau
1988Tiger CageInspector Michael Wong
1988Burning Snow
1987The Big BrotherKar Ho Tsuen
1986Goodbye Mammie
1983Mission to Kill
1982He Lives By NightLousy Wong
1980House of the LuteAh Shek