Filmography of Leonard Rossiter

1999Starry NightMr. Morganstern
1985The Moon Over SohoMax von Konigsberg
1985WaterSir Malcolm Leveridge
1984The Life and Death of King JohnKing John
1982Trail of the Pink PantherSuperintendant Quinlan
1982Britannia HospitalVincent Potter
1980Rising DampRigsby
1979Le PetomaneMonsieur Joseph Pujol
1978Fearless Frank
1976The Pink Panther Strikes AgainQuinlan
1976MachinegunnerCyril Dugdale
1975Barry LyndonCapt. John Quin
1974If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent ThemThe Blind Man
1968Diamonds for Breakfast
19682001: A Space OdysseyDr. Andrei Smyslov
1968The Year of the Sex OlympicsCo-ordinator Ugo Priest
1967The Whisperers
1967Deadlier Than the MaleHenry Bridgenorth
1966The WitchesDr. Wallis
1966The Devil's EggshellPrime Minister
1966The Wrong BoxVyvyan Alistair Montague
1966Hotel ParadisoInspector
1965King RatMcCoy
1963A Jolly Bad Fellow
1963Billy LiarEmanuel Shadrack
1962A Kind of LovingWhymper