Filmography of Raúl Juliá

1995Down Came a BlackbirdTomas Ramirez
1994Street FighterGeneral M. Bison
1994The Burning SeasonChico Mendes
1993Addams Family ValuesGomez Addams
1992The PlagueCottard
1991The Addams FamilyGomez Addams
1990HavanaArturo Duran (uncredited)
1990The RookieStrom
1990Frankenstein UnboundDr. Victor Frankenstein
1990Presumed InnocentSandy Stern
1989Mack the KnifeMacHeath
1989RomeroArchbishop Oscar Bishop
1989Florida StraitsCarlos Jayne
1988Tequila SunriseCarlos / Comandante Xavier Escalante
1988Moon Over ParadorRoberto Strausmann
1988The Penitent
1988Trading HeartsVinnie Iacona
1988Onassis: The Richest Man in the WorldAristotle Onassis
1987The Alamo: Thirteen Days to GloryGeneral Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
1987Tango BarRicardo Padín
1986The Morning AfterJoaquin Manero
1986The Big PartyAdolfo
1985Mussolini: The Untold StoryCount Galeazzo Ciano
1985Compromising PositionsDavid Suarez
1985Kiss of the Spider WomanValentin Arregui
1985Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
1982The Escape ArtistStu Quiñones
1982One from the HeartRay
1981Kiss Me, Petruchio
1979Life of SinPaulo
1978Eyes of Laura MarsMichael Reisler
1976The Gumball Rally
1975Death ScreamNick Rodriguez
1971The OrganizationJuan Mendoza
1971Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To MeJuan Carlos Rosenbloom
1971The Panic in Needle ParkMarco
1969StilettoParty guest