Filmography of Sean Bean

2016The Young MessiahSeverus
2016Ares III: RefocusedMitch Henderson
2015The MartianMitch Henderson
2015PixelsCorporal Hill (SAS Officer)
2015Any DayVian
2015Jupiter AscendingStinger Apini
2014The Snow Queen 2: RefreezeGeneral Arrog (voice)
2014Wicked BloodUncle Frank Stinson
2013Wild in the StreetsNarrator
2012Silent Hill: Revelation 3DHarry Mason / Christopher Da Silva
2012Soldiers of FortuneDimidov
2012Mirror MirrorKing
2011Age of HeroesMaj. Jack Jones
2010The Lost FutureAmal
2010Death Race 2Markus Kane
2010Black DeathUlric
2010Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefZeus
2010Ca$hPyke Kubic
2009Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983John Dawson
2009Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974John Dawson
2008Sharpe's PerilSharpe
2007Far NorthLoki
2007OutlawDanny Bryant
2007The HitcherJohn "The Hitcher" Ryder
2006Sharpe's ChallengeRichard Sharpe
2006Silent HillChristopher Da Silva
2006The DarkJames
2005FlightplanCaptain Rich
2005The IslandDr. Merrick
2005North CountryKyle
2004National TreasureIan Howe
2004PrideDark (voice)
2003The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingBoromir
2003Henry VIIIRobert Aske
2003The Big EmptyCowboy
2002The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersBoromir
2002EquilibriumErrol Partridge
2002Tom & ThomasPaul Sheppard
2001The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingBoromir
2001A Passage to Middle-earth: Making of 'Lord of the Rings'Himself
2001Quest for the RingHimself
2001Don't Say a WordPatrick Koster
2000Essex BoysJason Locke
1999Extremely DangerousNeil Byrne
1999Bravo Two ZeroAndy McNab
1998AirborneDave Toombs
1997Sharpe: The LegendRichard Sharpe
1997Sharpe's WaterlooRichard Sharpe
1997Sharpe's JusticeRichard Sharpe
1997Sharpe's RevengeRichard Sharpe
1997Anna KareninaVronsky
1996Sharpe's MissionRichard Sharpe
1996Sharpe's SiegeRichard Sharpe
1996Sharpe's RegimentRichard Sharpe
1996When Saturday ComesJimmy Muir
1995In Search of James Bond with Jonathan RossAlec Trevelyan
1995GoldenEyeAlec Trevelyan
1995Sharpe's SwordRichard Sharpe
1995Sharpe's BattleRichard Sharpe
1995Sharpe's GoldRichard Sharpe
1994ScarlettLord Fenton
1994Black BeautyFarmer Grey
1994Sharpe's HonourRichard Sharpe
1994Sharpe's EnemyRichard Sharpe
1994Sharpe's CompanySharpe
1993Lady ChatterleyMellors
1993Sharpe's EagleLieutenant–Colonel Richard Sharpe
1993Sharpe's RiflesRichard Sharpe
1992Fool's Gold: The Story Of The Brink's Mat RobberyMicky McAvoy
1992Patriot GamesSean Miller
1990The FieldTadgh McCabe
1990WindprintsAnton van Heerden
1990Small Zones
1990Lorna DooneCarver Doone
1989How to Get Ahead in AdvertisingLarry Frisk
1989War RequiemThe German Soldier
1989The Fifteen StreetsDominic O'Brien
1988Stormy MondayBrendan
1988TroublesCaptain Bolton
1986Winter Flight
1985Exploits at West Poley
1970Dark River
1970The 4th ReichSergeant Major Gordon