See No Evil, Hear No Evil

See No Evil, Hear No Evil
See No Evil, Hear No Evil.1989.hd.1080p
MURDER! The blind guy couldn't see it. The deaf guy couldn't hear it. Now they're both wanted for it.
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A murder takes place in the shop of David Lyons, a deaf man who fails to hear the gunshot being fired. Outside, blind man Wally Karue hears the shot but cannot see the perpetrator. Both are arrested, but escape to form an unlikely partnership. Being chased by both the law AND the original killers, can the pair work together to outwit them all?

Title:See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Release Date:May 12, 1989
Genres:Crime, Comedy
Production Co.:TriStar Pictures
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Arthur Hiller
Writers:, , , ,
Casts:Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Joan Severance, Kevin Spacey, Alan North, Lauren Tom, John Capodice, Alexandra Neil, Tonya Pinkins, Anthony Zerbe, Kirsten Childs, Hardy Rawls, Louis Giambalvo, Audrie Neenan, George Bartenieff, Bernie McInerney, Keith Langsdale, Jamie De Roy, Mary Kay Adams, Alan Pottinger, Lisby Larson, Doug Yasuda, James Pyduck, Edward James Hyland, John Ring, George Buck, George Harris, Zach Grenier, Alice Spivak, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, Joel Swetow, Pirie MacDonald, Tom Kubiak

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