Superman: Doomsday

Superman: Doomsday
Superman: Doomsday.2007.hd.1080p
Where were you the day Superman died?
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When LexCorps accidentally unleash a murderous creature, Doomsday, Superman meets his greatest challenge as a champion. Based on the "The Death of Superman" storyline that appeared in DC Comics' publications in the 1990s

Title:Superman: Doomsday
Release Date:September 18, 2007
Genres:Action, Animation, Science Fiction, Family
Production Co.:DC Comics, Warner Home Video
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Lauren Montgomery, Bruce Timm
Writers:, ,
Casts:Adam Baldwin, Anne Heche, James Marsters, John DiMaggio, Swoosie Kurtz, Tom Kenny, Ray Wise, Cree Summer, Adam Wylie, Chris Cox, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, James Arnold Taylor, Townsend Coleman, Kimberly Brooks, Kevin Smith

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