The Moustache

The Moustache
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One day, on a whim, Marc decides to shave off the mustache he's worn all of his adult life. He waits patiently for his wife's reaction, but neither she nor his friends seem to notice. Stranger still, when he finally tells them, they all insist he never had a mustache. Is Marc going mad? Is he the victim of some elaborate conspiracy? Or has something in the world's order gone terribly awry?

Title:The Moustache
Original Title:La Moustache
Release Date:May 15, 2005
Genres:Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Production Co.:Procirep, Cofimage 16, Pathé Renn Productions, Les Films des Tournelles, Canal+, TPS Star, Région Ile-de-France, Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC), Fondation GAN pour le Cinéma
Production Countries:France
Director:Emmanuel Carrère
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , ,

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