Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater

Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater
Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater.2010.hd.1080p
Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater Poster
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The year is 1910. The West is dying. The American frontier is undergoing a violent transition from the ways of old to modern times, and Mexico has entered a prolonged period of bloody civil war. Reformed outlaw John Marston is on his way to capture former running buddy Bill Williamson when he comes upon a half dead snake oil merchant named West Dickens. Marston travels under a bleak and unforgiving sun, teaming up with a violent sheriff and a colorful mentally deranged grave robber and together they discover a bloody massacre of homesteaders left in the wake of Williamson. They hatch a plan to break into an abandoned fort where the Williamson Gang is holed up - and a dark, surprising twist ensues.

Title:Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater
Release Date:May 29, 2010
Genres:Animation, Western
Production Co.:Fox Network
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:John Hillcoat
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , ,

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