Jaws 3-D

Jaws 3-D
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A deadly new attraction.
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This third film in the series follows a group of marine biologists attempting to capture a young great white shark that has wandered into Florida's Sea World Park. However, later it is discovered that the shark's 35-foot mother is also a guest at Sea World. What follows is the shark wreaking havoc on the visitors in the park.

Title:Jaws 3-D
Release Date:March 16, 1983
Genres:Thriller, Horror
Production Co.:MCA Theatricals, Universal Pictures, Alan Landsburg Productions
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Joe Alves
Writers:, , ,
Casts:Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale, Louis Gossett Jr., John Putch, Lea Thompson, P.H. Moriarty, Dan Blasko, Liz Morris, Lisa Maurer, Harry Grant, Andy Hansen, P.T. Horn, John Edson, Kaye Stevens, Rich Valliere, Alonzo Ward, Cathy Cervenka, Jane Horner, Kathy Jenkins, Steve Mellor, Ray Meunnich, Les Alford, Gary Anstaett, Scott Christoffel, Debbie Connoyer, Mary Davis Duncan, John Floren, John Gaffey, Joe Gilbert, Will Knickerbocker, Jackie Kuntarich, Edward Laurie, Holly Lisker, M.J. Lloyd, Carl Mazzocone, Ken Olson, Ronnie Parks, Al Pipkin, Barbara Quinn, Irene Schubert, August Schwartz, Sandy Scott, Tony Shepherd, Dolores Starling, Tamie Steinke, Daniel Stewart

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