González: The False Prophet

González: The False Prophet
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González lives in a dilapidated room in Mexico City, a lost soul in one of the world’s biggest metropolises. Desperate to be someone in life—and to pay off his debts—he embarks on a journey into the increasingly magnetic world of big-box Christianity. Religion seems to offer a quick path to becoming rich and soon González is willing to do anything in his power in order to make it happen. A thriller that evokes the gritty style of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, Gonzalez: The False Prophet is a suspenseful ride through the darker side of charismatic preachers and upstart religions that flourish on the hardearned money of desperate people in need of hope.

Title:González: The False Prophet
Original Title:González: El Falso Profeta
Release Date:October 23, 2013
Production Co.:Chacal Filmes, Echasa, Fondo para la Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad (FOPROCINE)
Production Countries:Mexico
Director:Christian Díaz Pardo
Casts:, , ,