Il Sorpasso

Il Sorpasso
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Roberto, a shy law student in Rome, meets Bruno, a forty-year-old exuberant, capricious man, who takes him for a drive through the Roman and Tuscany countries in the summer of 1962. They will spend two days together, meet both Roberto's and Bruno's family. The time Roberto spends with Bruno is a hilarious, but sometimes emotionally merciless accelerated maturization process. While Bruno's easy going "l'usage du monde" and societal success attract Roberto's great admiration, he also slowly realizes Bruno's hollowness, superficiality and unhappiness.

Title:Il Sorpasso
Original Title:Il sorpasso
Release Date:December 4, 1962
Genres:Drama, Comedy
Production Co.:Fair Film, Incei Film, Sancro Film
Production Countries:Italy
Director:Dino Risi
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , , , ,

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