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Every Other Week
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Pontus is divorced and has custody of his children every other week while living life as a bachelor the rest of the time. His older brother, Jens, is married since 20 years and has three children. When Jens' marriage collapses, he moves in with his younger brother - a move which will change both of their lives radically.

Title:Every Other Week
Original Title:Varannan vecka
Release Date:June 9, 2006
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Production Co.:Fladen Film, Buena Vista International, Stockholm Postproduction, Riviera - Music, Sound & Post AB, Go Go Enterprises, Canal+ Television AB, SVT, FLX
Production Countries:Sweden
Director:Måns Herngren, Felix Herngren, Hannes Holm, Hans Ingemarsson
Casts:Måns Herngren, Felix Herngren, Cecilia Frode, Anna Björk, Anja Lundqvist, Sofia Ledarp, Ulf Kvensler, Jens Sjögren, Anna Lena Strindlund, Cecilia Ljung, Åsa Karlin, Gustav Levin, Claire Wikholm

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