The Tailor of Panama

The Tailor of Panama
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In a place this treacherous, what a good spy needs is a spy of his own.
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A British spy is banished to Panama after having an affair with an ambassador's mistress. Once there he makes connection with a local tailor with a nefarious past and connections to all of the top political and gangster figures in Panama. The tailor also has a wife, who works for the Panamanian president and a huge debt. The mission is to learn what the President intends to do with the Canal.

Title:The Tailor of Panama
Release Date:February 11, 2001
Genres:Drama, Thriller
Production Co.:Columbia Pictures, Merlin Films
Production Countries:Ireland, United States of America
Director:John Boorman, Laerke Sigfred Pedersen
Writers:, , ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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