Dreaming Lips

Dreaming Lips
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The young Gaby (Elisabeth Bergner) is happily married to the musician Peter (Anton Edthofer) but cannot ignore the impression that his friend Michael (Rudolf Forster), a violin virtuoso, makes on her. Even when Peter falls seriously ill, she cannot forget her love for Michael. Torn between the two men, Gaby sees only one way out...

Title:Dreaming Lips
Original Title:Der träumende Mund
Release Date:September 12, 1932
Genres:Drama, Romance
Production Countries:France, Germany
Director:Paul Czinner
Writers:, ,
Casts:Elisabeth Bergner, Rudolf Forster, Anton Edthofer, Margarethe Hruby, Jaro Fürth, Peter Kröger, Karl Hannemann, Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur

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