The Custodian

The Custodian
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He lies, he cheats, he bends the rules, he's the last of the honest cops, he is The Custodian
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Det. Quinlan has left his alcoholic wife, sprouting a bloom of insecurity, anger and self-motivation within him to expose the corrupt police force that surrounds him. He abandons his 'straight' life to partner in crime with his co-worker, Det. Church, in order to get on the inside of the circle of double-agents. He sides privately with a reporter, Reynolds, and an Internal Affairs lawyer, Ferguson, to expose them to the press. Once they have gathered enough information, all the corrupt police, including the newly recruited Quinlan are arrested. Ferguson then works to get Quinlan a reduced sentence for helping them.

Title:The Custodian
Release Date:September 3, 1993
Director:John Dingwall
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