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Business trips are trapped by multiple temptations, such as a well stocked hotel bar. But this time salesman Pastor might have overdone it a bit. He wakes up in the middle of a field without any memory at all of how he got there. Even stranger is the ugly scar on his back. But what really drives him out of his mind is that the stitches from the operation are still fresh. Has he become the victim of on organ theft? Is he missing a kidney? Pastor starts to put everything in Question; being a father, a husband, a salesman... The only thing he wants is to find out what has happened to him and nothing and nobody will stop him.

Release Date:April 18, 2014
Genres:Thriller, Mystery
Production Co.:Les Films de Télémaque, Nexus Factory, JPG Films, No Money Productions, Umedia
Production Countries:Belgium, France
Director:Arnold de Parscau, Odile Castagné
Casts:, , , , , , ,