Strange Days

Strange Days
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Set in the year 1999 during the last days of the old millennium, the movie tells the story of Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who now deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions. One day he receives a disc which contains the memories of a murderer killing a prostitute. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case?

Title:Strange Days
Release Date:October 13, 1995
Genres:Crime, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Production Co.:Lightstorm Entertainment
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Kathryn Bigelow
Writers:, ,
Casts:Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Tom Sizemore, Juliette Lewis, Vincent D'Onofrio, William Fichtner, Michael Wincott, Glenn Plummer, Brigitte Bako, Kelly Hu, Richard Edson, Josef Sommer, Joe Urla, Michael Jace, Brandon Hammond, James Acheson, Louise Lecavalier, David Carrera, Jim Ishida, Todd Graff, Ted Haler, Rio Hackford, Brook Susan Parker, Dex Elliott Sanders, Paulo Tocha, Art Chudabala, Ray Chang, Chris Douridas, Lisa Picotte, Kylie Ireland, Dru Berrymore, Stefan Arngrim, Agustin Rodriguez, Honey Labrador

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