Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed
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Believing they have left behind shadowy figures from their past, newlyweds Christian and Ana fully embrace an inextricable connection and shared life of luxury. But just as she steps into her role as Mrs. Grey and he relaxes into an unfamiliar stability, new threats could jeopardize their happy ending before it even begins.

Title:Fifty Shades Freed
Release Date:January 17, 2018
Genres:Drama, Romance
Production Co.:Universal Pictures
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:James Foley
Casts:Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, Eloise Mumford, Victor Rasuk, Marcia Gay Harden, Andrew Airlie, Max Martini, Brant Daugherty, Arielle Kebbel, Fay Masterson, Dylan Neal, Kim Basinger, Gary Hudson, Jennifer Ehle, Callum Keith Rennie, Tyler Hoechlin, Ashleigh LaThrop, Amy Price-Francis, Robinne Lee, Kirsten Alter, Hiro Kanagawa, Jaclyn Jonet, Guillaume Campanacci, Ben Corns, Michelle Harrison, Laura Jacobs, John Emmet Tracy, Brad Harder, Adil Zaidi, Nathan Dellemme, Jordan Gardiner

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