A Country Called Home

A Country Called Home
A Country Called Home.2015.hd.1080p
She Had To Find Her Past To Embrace Her Future.
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Ellie is a 27-year old whose life is far from where she imagined it to be. Filled with annoying friends, a self-involved boyfriend, and a career that she can’t bring herself to pursue, Ellie feels detached from her life. When she learns that her estranged alcoholic father has died, her world is disrupted and she begins a journey that takes her to a small town in Texas. While dealing with the logistical arrangements of her father’s death Ellie has to confront what happens when the structures and safety nets we build for ourselves come undone.

Title:A Country Called Home
Release Date:June 13, 2015
Production Co.:Kickstart Productions
Director:Anna Axster
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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