When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.1970.hd.1080p
Enter an age of unknown terrors, pagan worship and virgin sacrifice...
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Hammer Film’s follow-up to the successful One Million Years B.C. is set in an ancient past when humans and dinosaurs co-exist. Athletic cavewomen and hairy men wander around, grunting, sweating and occasionally sacrificing evil blonde babes to the sun in return for protection from stop-motion beasts. The fun-loving, energetic Sanna (Victoria Vetri), one of the sacrificial offerings, manages to escape during a ritual and joins another tribe where she says ‘necro’ a lot and falls in love with a surprisingly hairless guy.

Title:When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Release Date:October 25, 1970
Genres:Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Hammer Film Productions
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Val Guest
Casts:Victoria Vetri, Robin Hawdon, Patrick Allen, Drewe Henley, Sean Caffrey, Magda Konopka, Imogen Hassall, Patrick Holt, Jan Rossini, Carol Hawkins, Maria O'Brien, Connie Tilton, Maggie Lynton, Jimmy Lodge, Billy Cornelius, Ray Ford

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