A Life On Screen: Stephen Fry

A Life On Screen: Stephen Fry
A Life On Screen: Stephen Fry.2015.hd.1080p
A look at the polymath's career from its beginning in the late Seventies to the present day.
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In this documentary, Stephen Fry tells the story behind his success, after presenting the BAFTAs for more than ten years. With an outstanding career in film and television which began with a chance meeting with comedy partner Hugh Laurie at Cambridge, he went on to create the outrageous Melchett in Blackadder and has become a firm favourite on BBC2 with the quite interesting quiz QI. Featuring a supporting cast of friends, including interviews with Michael Sheen, Hugh Laurie and Alan Davies.

Title:A Life On Screen: Stephen Fry
Release Date:December 29, 2015
Production Co.:BBC, BBC Two
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Samantha Peters
Casts:, , ,

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