Oceans Rising

Oceans Rising
Oceans Rising.2017.hd.1080p
I hope you can swim.
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3.6/10 by 36 users

A scientist builds a massive ark after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur, those who maligned the scientist now turn to him in desperation, boarding the ark and seeking his answers before the world drowns in a never ending sea.

Title:Oceans Rising
Release Date:January 17, 2017
Genres:Action, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Syfy, The Asylum
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Adam Lipsius
Casts:Annabel Barrett, DeJean Brown, Ronak Gandhi, Jeff Harms, Cedric Jonathan, Daron McFarland, Paola Menacho, Gustavo Quiroz Jr., Arthur Roberts, Summer Spiro, Paul Statman, Jason Tobias

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