Wedding Daze

Wedding Daze
Wedding Daze.2006.hd.1080p
Marrying a complete stranger is a life sentence.
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After losing the woman of his dreams, Anderson is convinced he'll never fall in love again. But at the urging of his best friend, he spontaneously proposes to a dissatisfied waitress named Katie and an innocent dare evolves into the kind of love that both have been looking for all along.

Title:Wedding Daze
Release Date:September 9, 2006
Production Co.:Media 8 Entertainment, GreeneStreet Films, The Pleasure Company Inc., Fugitive Films
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Michael Ian Black
Casts:Jason Biggs, Isla Fisher, Joe Pantoliano, Joanna Gleason, Edward Herrmann, Margo Martindale, Michael Weston, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Heather Goldenhersh, Jay O. Sanders, Rob Corddry, Chuck Ardezzone, Regan Mizrahi, Roger Robinson

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