You Kill Me

You Kill Me
You Kill Me.2007.hd.1080p
Professional alcoholic hit man gets life back on track thanks to her
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6.3/10 by 116 users

While drying out on the West Coast, an alcoholic hit man befriends a tart-tongued woman who might just come in handy when it's time for him to return to Buffalo and settle some old scores.

Title:You Kill Me
Release Date:February 9, 2007
Genres:Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Romance
Production Co.:Independent Film Group, Bi-polar Pictures, Carol Baum Productions, Code Entertainment, Dillinger Productions, Echo Lake Entertainment, Green Tulip Productions
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:John Dahl
Casts:Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, Bill Pullman, Dennis Farina, Philip Baker Hall, Marcus Thomas, Scott Heindl, Alison Sealy-Smith, Aron Tager, Jayne Eastwood, Al Corley, Erik Fjeldsted, Aaron Hughes, Devin McCracken

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