A Challenge for Robin Hood

A Challenge for Robin Hood
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After being falsely accused of murder, Sir Robin of Loxley takes refuge in the untamed wilderness of Sherwood Forest where he stumbles across a group of outlaws. Although initially suspicious of the aristocrat's motives, the men are soon won over by his integrity and prowess and Robin transforms them into a formidable fighting force, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. As word of his fame and valour spreads, a legend is born.

Title:A Challenge for Robin Hood
Release Date:July 1, 1967
Production Co.:Seven Arts Productions, Hammer Film Productions
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:C.M. Pennington-Richards
Casts:Barrie Ingham, Peter Blythe, Gay Hamilton, John Arnatt, John Gugolka, James Hayter, Eric Flynn, Reg Lye, Leon Greene, Douglas Mitchell, Arthur Hewlett, Jenny Till, John Harvey

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