The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Exorcism of Emily Rose.2005.hd.1080p
What happened to Emily?
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When a younger girl called Emily Rose dies, everyone puts blame on the exorcism which was performed on her by Father Moore prior to her death. The priest is arrested on suspicion of murder. The trial begins with lawyer Erin Bruner representing Moore, but it is not going to be easy, as no one wants to believe what Father Moore says is true.

Title:The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Release Date:September 9, 2005
Genres:Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Production Co.:Lakeshore Entertainment, Firm Films, Screen Gems
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Scott Derrickson, Christine Wilson, Morgan Beggs
Writers:, ,
Casts:Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson, Campbell Scott, Jennifer Carpenter, Kenneth Welsh, Mary Beth Hurt, Colm Feore, Henry Czerny, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Duncan Fraser, Mary Black, Julian Christopher, Terence Kelly, Katie Keating, Marilyn Norry, Taylor Hill, John Innes, Iris Graham, Andrew Wheeler, JR Bourne, Joshua Close, Aaron Douglas, George Gordon

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