Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea
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Bigger. Smarter. Faster. Meaner.
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On a remote former submarine refueling facility called Aquatica, a team of scientists are searching for a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Susan McAlester genetically engineers three Mako sharks, intending to increase their brain capacity so that they can harvest the tissue as a cure for Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, the increased brain capacity also makes the sharks smarter, faster, and more dangerous. Aquatica's financial backers are skeptical and nervous about the tests, and send a corporate executive to visit the facility.

Title:Deep Blue Sea
Release Date:July 28, 1999
Genres:Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
Production Co.:Riche-Ludwig Productions, Village Roadshow Pictures, Groucho III Film Partnership, Warner Bros. Pictures
Production Countries:Australia, United States of America
Director:Renny Harlin, Portia Tickell, Thomas J. Mack
Writers:, , ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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